Run for Ann Hanley-Parkinson’s Research

By Tom Ryan

Editor’s Note: Tom and Katie Ryan are running in the October 13 Fall Foliage Half Marathon in Rhinebeck, New York to raise money for the Ann Hanley Parkinson’s Research Fund. Hanley, the wife of WinStar’s General Manager David Hanley, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at age 49, and has founded the fund to underwrite research at UK. Learn more by watching the video below, or click on the link to contribute to Tom and Katie’s run.

According to the Parkinson’s Foundation, there are more than 10 million people worldwide living with Parkinson’s: 10 million people who will face this devastating disease knowing there currently is no cure. Ann and David Hanley are two of the strongest, most resilient people you might ever meet. Ann is a true hero who inspires others with this debilitating disease as she deals with the onset herself. She is a pioneer for a cure and has participated in a first-of-its-kind clinical study aimed at stopping the disease by reversing the degenerative effects of Parkinson’s. It’s truly ground-breaking science, allowing patients to turn back the clock and reverse symptoms of the disease. Ann has hope for herself and the 10 million others who suffer every single day. We hope we can rally the horse business to support one of our own. We all know someone affected and the horse business is wonderful when it comes to looking after its own.

To support Tom and Katie’s run for the Ann Hanley Parkinson’s research fund, click here:

Originally published on The TDN.